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Conditions of stay of our structure

The following are the conditions for staying at our facility:


Except for special needs of our guests, the delivery of the rooms is scheduled between 14.00 and 16.00. However, please communicate your estimated time of arrival at least in the morning of the day of arrival.
Customers are invited, upon arrival, to provide an identification document and at the same time to regularize the payment of the booked stay. The agreed price for the stay in our Bed & Breakfast includes the use of the room and bathroom, breakfast, the supply of towels and sheets, the use of TV and air conditioners / heat pumps and use of all bathroom accessories. Extraordinary linen change is not included in the price, as is extraordinary cleaning.

We remind you that, on the day of departure, the rooms must be vacated by 11.00 to allow cleaning and delivery to new arrivals, a delay will result in the charge of another night.
Inside the Bed & Breakfast you will find everything you need: blankets, pillows, towels, personal hygiene products and food for breakfast. For any other needs do not hesitate to ask, we will do our best to satisfy you.


– Breakfast will be served between 8.30 and 10.30.
– The use of the kitchen is allowed exclusively for the preparation of herbal teas to be consumed at any time of the day, except for the preparation of baby food, in the event that very young children are among the guests. Therefore it is strictly forbidden to cook other types of dishes.
– For entry and exit from the structure there are no timetables to be respected, guests can go out and return as they please.
– Inside the Bed & Breakfast, only for hygienic reasons and for any allergies from other customers, pets are not allowed.
– It is also not allowed, for reasons of Public Safety, for guests to let other people access the Bed & Breakfast at any time.
– The cleaning of the rooms and the change of towels and bed linen will take place every change of guests and in any case every three days of stay, from 10.30 to 11.45; time when it will be necessary to vacate the apartment to facilitate operations.
– Correct and civil use of the toilets is recommended, avoiding throwing anything into the toilet (use the special bins).

– It is forbidden inside the premises: to smoke, to connect any household appliance
brought with you to the electrical system with the exception of the electric razor, laptop or mobile phone battery chargers and bottle warmers.
– It is recommended to respect the silence in the canonical hours 22.00-8.00 and 14.00-16.00. In any case, please maintain a behavior that at any time of day and in no way disturbs the tranquility of others.
– Each guest is required to compensate for any damage caused to the B&B and for the improper use of
complementary equipment. At the end of the stay, the keys must be returned. In case of loss, the damage will be charged.

– Take care to turn off the lights in the rooms, air conditioners, TVs, and other systems
when you are out of the room.
– We decline any responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to objects of your property.
– We are not liable for any disservices due to total or partial lack of supplies such as gas, electricity, water or internet connection not dependent on our will.

– The reservation request can be made via a simple e-mail or by telephone, you will receive an email confirming receipt from us, accompanied by indications of the payment methods.
– The deposit can be paid by bank transfer.
– In case of cancellation of the reservation the deposit will be returned only if it is communicated in writing at least 5 days before the start of the stay, otherwise nothing will be due.

We thank you for choosing our structure and we wish you a peaceful and happy stay.
B&B Civico 22

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